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We have available bobcats, diggers and trucks.  Our operators are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of earthworks.

Drainage & Plumbing

driveway drainage

Our drainage team will excavate and design drainage systems where required as a result of our concrete work. For disposal of surface water (using gravity where possible) we design in accordance with NZ Building code - E1 Surface water - by diverting water away from external surfaces to protect property and people from potential adverse effects.

Concrete Supply


Concrete is delivered to site in a ready mix truck. We supply audited concrete, manufactured to NZS 3104.  Our customer service team and dispatch system ensure order accuracy and prompt delivery. Concrete comes from plants using the latest computerised technology producing concrete of audited quality.

Our ready Mix can be used for -

Outside: pool surrounds, barbecue areas, patios, courtyards, paths, driveways.
Suitable for: House slabs and mid-floors.
Inside: all surfaces where strength and durability are required.

Concrete Placement

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Paths and driveways are the most common requests we receive. With the aid of diggers we can have a sizable driveway removed and replaced within a few days. We follow concrete placement best practice standards as set out in NZS 3109 / 4229.

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Calling:  022 646 7877
   Email:   info@vipconcrete.co.nz

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